Vale de Cambra is a magical valley by nature! From the beautiful, sunny slopes of the Freita and Arestal Mountains, to the fertile valleys of the Caima, Arões and Teixeira, there is a whole universe of natural and cultural attractions to discover and enjoy!

Birthplace of the country's first dairy industry, Vale de Cambra has a long history associated with both the dairy industry, the wood industry, the metal packaging and metallurgy, and it currently hosts the country's largest companies of these areas.

But it was thanks to its rich and extensive natural heritage, especially its fertile valleys, where milk and wine were produced in abundance, that the municipality reached such a level of industrial development.

These same fertile valleys, dotted with fields with vineyards, rivers, waterfalls, levadas and reservoirs, which reflect in their waters the image of a heady nature, are surrounded by high mountains, where forests abound that shelter a remarkable fauna and flora, archaeological remains of Atlantic rock art, ancestral villages perched on terraces, and secular bridges. These valleys and mountains are, today, spaces where tourism, sport and culture are promoted.

“...surrounded by mountains of extravagant forms, it is not easy to find another so grandiose and spectacular in Portugal. Almost no flat areas. ... The earth is green and the sky is blue; it is all green and blue with rare white spots of the houses, which, more than men dwellings, look like windows of the landscape itself.”

“On moonlit nights, when the big gold balloon rises on the mountainside, the valley is filled with magic, a spell floating from the distant peaks to the whispering waters of the Caima.”

(Ferreira de Castro)

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