São Pedro do Sul is a municipality recognized for having the largest and most developed spa in the Iberian Peninsula, with an ancient vocation for health spa. But what many do not know is that their attractions do not stop here.

The mountain villages and the magnificent landscapes of the mountains of Arada and S. Macário, as well as the heady nature of the Vouga valley make S. Pedro do Sul one of the most desirable destinations in the context of Nature Tourism.

Area: 349km2

Parishes: 14

Population: 16.851 inhabitants (Censos 2011)

Highest point: 1053m - S. Macário Mountain

São Pedro do Sul is a municipality in the Center of Portugal, located about half an hour from the city of Viseu and just over an hour from the cities of Porto and Coimbra.

Dominated by the hills of Freita, Arada and S. Macário and by the magnificent Vouga valley, the municipality is a destination of nature par excellence. From the interior of its granite valleys, the famous thermal waters of S. Pedro do Sul flow with unique therapeutic properties, discovered by the Romans more than 2000 years ago.

From the mountain areas stand out natural nooks of great beauty. Waterfalls, wells and clear water lagoons are a constant presence on the banks of the Landeira and Pena Rivers and on the Teixeira River, one of the cleanest mountain rivers in Europe, much sought after by canyoning practitioners. Geological treasures such as Livraria da Pena, the Teixeira River Waterfall or the Penas do Diabo reveal fascinating stories of planet Earth's evolution.

From the Portal do Inferno to the valley of the Deilão, passing by the Hill of S. Macário, to the valley of the Sul River, the reachable landscapes are impressive. From the top of the S. Macário Mountain, where one of the most adorable mountain sanctuaries of the territory is located, it is said that the sun's rays are of divine inspiration.

But S. Pedro do Sul is not only Nature! It is also a municipality filled with historical, architectural and cultural values. Cave engravings, castles, churches, monasteries, manor houses and railway bridges testify to the presence and action of Man in these lands over thousands of years.

Here and there, nestled in deep valleys or perched on sunny terraces, there are ancient villages full of rusticity, such as Pena, Covas do Monte, Fujaco, Manhouce, Candal and Póvoa das Leiras. These villages live in traditions, myths and legends of goats that kill wolves, of dead people that kill alive people, snakes that eat men and saints who carry coals in their hands.

Taking as a starting point Nature and the Thermal Waters, discover and enjoy all that S. Pedro do Sul has to offer, including its magnificent gastronomy!

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