Arouca is a city in the north of Portugal, located at about one hour distance from the cities of Oporto and Aveiro.

In the Montanhas Mágicas® map it is the municipality that occupies the central position, covering much of the Mountains of Freita and Arada, the valley of the River Paiva, and the northeast part of the Montemuro Mountain. Favored by nature and the unique characteristics of its geology, it is also a territory full of archaeological, historical and cultural values, recognized since April 2009 by UNESCO’s European and Global Geoparks Network. 

The Arouca Geopark owns 41 points of geological interest - unique sites of outstanding scientific, educational and tourism value, with highlight to the Gigant Trilobites of Canelas, the “Parideiras” Stones, the Frecha da Mizarela and the Vale do Paiva Ichnofossils.

The Arouca Geopark’s mission is to preserve and promote this invaluable heritage, promoting a sustainable development of the territory and of its richness.

Taking as a starting point the discovery of Arouca Geopark’s geological heritage and the Paiva Walkways, start an exciting journey that will take you out to the main natural, historical, cultural, gastronomic and scientific attractions of this magnificent territory.

Restaurante Parlamento
Typical Restaurant
Localizado no centro histórico de Arouca, o restaurante Parlamento, em atividade desde maio de 1996, prima pela qualidade dos seus serviços. A carne arouquesa impera na sua cozinha, conferindo aos pratos típicos um sabor inconfundível.
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