Restaurante Parlamento

Typical Restaurant

Localizado no centro histórico de Arouca, o restaurante Parlamento, em atividade desde maio de 1996, prima pela qualidade dos seus serviços. A carne arouquesa impera na sua cozinha, conferindo aos pratos típicos um sabor inconfundível.

Located in the historic center of Arouca, the Parlamento restaurant, active since May 1996, excels in the quality of its services. Arouquesa meat reigns in its kitchen, giving the typical dishes an unmistakable flavor.

Gastronomic Specialties: Vitela assada à regional (Regional roasted veal), Posta de Arouquesa Grelhada na Brasa (Grilled slices of Arouquesa meat), Cabrito à moda da serra (Roasted kid)

Local wine: Quinta da Alagoa, Casa da Fraga

Conventual and regional sweets: Sweet Chestnuts,  Barriga de Freira (kind of mousse made with eggs, breadcrumbs and almonds), Morcelas Doces (black pudding-shaped sweets made with breadcrumbs, almonds and cinnamon), Roscas de amêndoa (kind of sweet breads), Charutos de amêndoa (cigar-shaped sweets with a sugar, egg and almonds filling),  Bola de S. Bernardo (cake made with eggs and olive oil)

Payment Methods: ATM card, visa, cash and cheque

Public parking at 50m

Travessa da Ribeira, nº2,  Arouca (Aveiro)
4540-148 Arouca
(+351) 256 949 604
(+351) 916 000 419


Lunch: 12:00 pm to 03:00

Dinner: 06:30 pm to 10:30 pm

Closed: Sunday and Tuesday at Dinner

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Air conditioning
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