Discover the origins of the occupation of our territory through important archaeological testimonies

Throughout the territory, but especially in mountain plateaus and in half hillside areas, you can find monuments and archaeological remains witnessing human occupation during different prehistoric times. Those that assume greater importance are the Atlantic art rock carvings, discovered in several municipalities, and the megalithic monuments (dolmens and “antas”), whose good state condition makes it easy to understand how the funeral rites were performed by our earliest ancestors. Anta da Cerqueira, Mamoa da Portela da Anta, S. Pedro Megalithic Park, Anta do Poço dos Mouros and Sepultura do rei are good examples of megaliths in the territory. 
From the Metal Age we can still see the ruins and archaeological remains of some fortified villages of predominantly circular construction, such as Castro da Cárcoda, Castro de Nossa Senhora da Guia, Castro do Monte das Coroas and the Muralha das Portas do Montemuro ruins.