In this historical period it stands out the attribution of the charters to the municipalities of the Montanhas Mágicas®

The charter (Carta Foral) was a royal document used in Portugal with the aim of establishing a municipality and regulate its administration, duties and privileges.The Pillory is a symbol of municipalism linked to the concession of the charter and to the jurisdictional autonomy. Numerous charters, that gave rise to the same number of pillories, were granted in the Montanhas Mágicas territory during this period and also during the Early Middle Ages: 

Cinfães: 1st of May 1513 

Castelo de Paiva: 1st of December 1513 

Arouca: 20th of December 1513 

Vale de Cambra: 10th of February 1514 

Castro Daire: 14th of March 1514 

S. Pedro do Sul: 4th of April 1514 

Sever do Vouga: 29th of April 1514 

All these charters were given by King Manuel I. One of the most important historical personalities of this period was Father Sebastião Vieira, a Jesuit friar from Castro Daire, who was martyred in Japan during the 17th century.