The country houses are ideal for those looking for a warm, quiet and relaxed atmosphere. With its own unique architectural features, each country house has a unique "personality", with its own architectural and decorative details, to which are added the hospitality and friendliness of the hosts.

In the Montanhas Mágicas® the country houses are mostly built of granite, schist and slate, with wood being almost always present, especially on balconies, terraces and ceilings.

The number of rooms in each house can range from one to ten or more, given that there are houses where all or most rooms have private bathrooms and others where a bathroom can serve one to three rooms. 

As for the use of the houses by the guests, there are several possibilities depending on the house in question. In some cases the hosts reside in the house and share it with the guests, and may even dine together. In other cases the hosts do not reside in the house. They welcome the guests and provide all the information they need, giving them the key of the house to occupy it with total privacy and autonomy. Each room corresponds to an accommodation unit and can be rented individually to more than one guest. In this case everyone has access to common spaces existing in the house - living room, kitchen, swimming pool, tennis court or others.

The existence of five or more country houses, located in the same village or parish or in contiguous villages or parishes, exploited in an integrated way by the same entity, is called Village Tourism. In the Montanhas Mágicas® there is Village Tourism in Codeçal, in the municipality of Castro Daire.