Portuguese capital of the blueberry, Sever do Vouga is a municipality renowned for its magnificent natural and cultural landscapes, which include some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the country, the idyllic Vouga Valley, numerous viewpoints over the Atlantic coast, as well as a rich and preserved megalithic heritage.

Area: 129,9km2

Parishes: 7

Population: 12.356 inhabitants (Censos 2011)

Highest point: 841m - Arestal Mountain

Sever do Vouga is a municipality of the Center of Portugal, that is located half an hour from the city of Aveiro and one hour from the city of Porto. In the map of the Montanhas Mágicas® it occupies the southwest position, constituting one of the main entrance doors to the territory, when coming from the A1 and the A25. Geographically it occupies a large part of the Arestal Mountain, belonging to the Gralheira massif, as well as the Vouga River valley, including part of the area classified under the Natura 2000 Network.

It is a municipality recognized by the sumptuousness of its waterfalls and the extraordinary beauty of the landscapes of the Vouga Valley, where the famous Sever do Vouga Ecotrail is located. As a result of the recovery of the former Vouga railway line, the ecotrail highlights some of its most valuable legacies: the Poço de Santiago Bridge, an architectonic ex-libris of the municipality; the railway tunnels, that give a unique charm to the landscape; the station of Paradela, recovered and transformed into an eco coffee; among others.

Sever do Vouga is also a municipality recognized for its valuable archaeological heritage, whereas it is considered a true Open Museum of the Past.

Because it was a pioneer in the production of blueberries in Portugal and because it is still one of the largest national producers of this fruit, Sever do Vouga is considered the "Capital of the Blueberry", something that is well evident in the event dedicated to the fruit "king" of this municipality, which is held annually on the last weekend of June.

We can not fail to recommend a visit to the village of Amiais, the dam of Ribeiradio and to the main local viewpoints: Nossa Senhora da Penha, Santa Maria da Serra, Castêlo, Volta da Barca and Alto do Capela do Barreiro. Many of the sites that you can visit in Sever do Vouga, including some of its waterfalls and panoramas, are important geological sites (geosites), revealing many millions of years old stories of the Earth.

Combine the discovery of the county with the tasting of delicious local dishes and have an unforgettable stay!

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