Cinfães is a gift from nature! From the highest point, in the Montemuro Mountain, to the imposing Douro River, passing through the extraordinary beauty of the Bestança Valley or the multifaceted Paiva River, there are many reasons to visit this magical territory! Discover, also, its rich historical and cultural heritage!

Area: 239,29km2

Parishes: 14

Population: 20.427 inhabitants (Censos 2011)

Highest point: 1381m - Pico do Talegre, Montemuro Mountain

Cinfães is located in the north of Portugal, on the left bank of the Douro River, just over an hour away from the cities of Porto, Vila Real and Viseu. Its main access routes are the A4 and N222, from Porto, and the A24 and N321, from Vila Real and Viseu.

With a riverside facing the Douro River and covering two areas classified as Natura 2000 - the Paiva River and the Montemuro Mountain, the municipality has unique natural values, with special emphasis on the richness of biodiversity and the unique beauty of the landscape.

Cinfães is also a land of high historical and cultural values. The pre-Celtic megalithic vestiges prove an occupation that reaches 5 millennia. And from the orders issued by the Church in the Middle Ages sober, robust and valuable Romanesque temples have survived up to this day.

The multisecular foundation and the historical relevance of Cinfães involve personalities like D. Egas Moniz, who left from here nominated as lord of Ribadouro; D. Afonso Henriques, first king of Portugal, who spent his childhood here; and General Alexandre Serpa Pinto, son of noble families, who left from here to discover Africa and here he returned to share his knowledge about it with the world.

Taking as a starting point the discovery of the Magical Mountains®, explore all the natural, historical and cultural attractions that the municipality of Cinfães has to offer, including its gastronomy and handicrafts, and enjoy the comforting hospitality and the art of well-receiving of its people !

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