Teixeirô Viewpoint

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The Teixeirô Viewpoint is located on a hillside above the mouth of the Bestança river. From this viewpoint one gets a great view over the dam and over Porto Antigo, where the historic Hotel Porto Antigo and an important dock for maritime-tourist boats and cruise ships are located. It is also possible to see the Carrapatelo Dam, the Mosteirô bridge, which connects Porto Antigo and Porto Manso, and the Pala railway bridge, located on the right bank of the Douro. From the Teixeirô viewpoint it is also possible to observe an important geological phenomenon - Vale de Fratura do Bestança - the Bestança Fracture Valley, where the river benefits from a flaw in the Montemuro granite massif, and it is so important that is responsible for the change of direction of the Douro river.

Access to the point of interest:  by car; easy