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Located at an elevation of 711m, the hill of Senhora da Mó is one of the most popular viewpoints of the Arouca Geopark and the closest one to the village of Arouca and to its historic center (about 8km). Situated at an elevation which occupies a central position on the municipality, hence it is possible to get a panoramic view of 360° of Arouca Geopark’s geomorphology. It is very conditioned by the different lithology and its greater or lesser resistance to the action of erosive agents. Senhora da Mó is also a place of religious worship. A chapel dedicated to Senhora da Mó, with very peculiar contours, was built at its highest point and is presumed to be from the 16th century. The festivity in honor of this saint, patroness of the fields, crops and animals and protector against droughts and storms, is annually held on the 7th and 8th of September.

Access to the point of interest: by car; easy