Penedo da Saudade Viewpoint

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A few meters from Maria da Fontinha Museum there is, on the right side of the road, one of the most beautiful views of Montanhas Mágicas®: Penedo da Saudade. This viewpoint, which is also an important geosite, is on a granite rock with about 5 meters height and it is accessible via an iron staircase. From here you can have a spectacular view of the southern slope of the Montemuro Mountain, more declivous and less extensive than the north side, and of the Paiva river valley, which separates the Montemuro massif from the Gralheira massif. The Paiva river, one of the most important of Montanhas Mágicas®, forms a huge curve in this area called “Ester Meander”.

Access to the point of interest: by car; easy