Penas do Diabo

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Penas do Diabo is located in a valley with unique characteristics, with large rocks and granite walls flanking a small tributary of the Vouga, where the subtropical forest prevails, with species such as laurel, arbutus, holly, rolling and species of Heberdenia Excelsa to form an evergreen gallery of trees and shrubs. Abrupt walls that limit this curious shrine of evergreen forest reach the unevenness of more than 60 meters as a result of the lowering due to the fluvial erosion. In the middle of the valley, the toughest granite blocks are those that today continue to exist in whimsical tower blocks, that can reach more than 25 meters high, rising above the forest.

Access to the point of interest: 1500m by car easy (access to the viewpoint by unpaved road); 100m on foot moderate/difficult (access to the valley)