Hill of S. Domingos

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The Hill of S. Domingos offers the most fascinating overview to the northwest of Montanhas Mágicas®. From this panoramic point, with more than 400m of altitude, you get a privileged view over the Douro, over the cities of Porto and Gaia, and also over much of the territory of Castelo de Paiva (Pedorido, Oliveira do Arda, Raiva and Castelo de Paiva). The Arda river deserves particular attention, since it is possible to see it flowinto the Douro river in Pedorido. The Hill of S. Domingos is also a site of religious worship. Every year, on the 3rd and 4th of August, there is a great pilgrimage to S. Domingos. In addition to the chapel, gardens with tables and benches and the extensive wooded areas, a beautiful and grand carillon can be admired in this place.

Access to the point of interest:  by car; easy