Peat Bog of Arada

Landscape Highlights

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Peatlands are very particular plant formations protected by Europe and extremely rare in the south of the Douro. The peak of these formations took place during the last glaciation and over the last ten thousand years have come to recede in the territory, as a result of the climate change and the glacier retreat. Arada Peatlands are marked by the presence of heather, narcissus, gentian, gorse, genisteae, juncus squarrosus, cervum and peat moss. These species are found exclusively in the peatlands of three locations of Freita and Arada Mountains: Quercus Micro-Reserve (Arouca and Vale de Cambra) and Fraguinha Park (São Pedro do Sul). Arada Peatlands are rare biodiversity paradises marked by the profusion of colors that characterize them.

Access to the point of interest: by car; easy