Levada de Santa Cruz

Landscape Highlights

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Near the Engineer Duarte Pacheco Dam, the Caima river offers us a surprise of outstanding beauty: on its left bank there is a small “levada” in the middle of a lush forest, moving sinuously to follow the gap and the permanent water flow. The “levada”, with just 1 km, irrigates Santa Cruz, and eries from a small tributary of the Caima river, which flows into the Pisão well. The humidity provided by the “levada” allows the several ferns to grow and thrive. The Iberian Emerald Lizard uses the “levada” as a hunting territory and the King Solomon’s- seal, St. John’s wort-of-Gerês, the holly and the wild blueberry are some of the flora elements of this little paradise. 

Access to the point of interest: by car; easy; GPS acesso à levada - 40°50’56.12”N, 8°21’9.74”W 

Castelo, Rôge,  Vale de Cambra (Aveiro)