Levada de Paradela

Landscape Highlights

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The Levada de Paradela is a remarkable work, that takes water from the river Varoso to the 3 km away irrigation system in Paradela. Next to the levada, a pedestrian path provides a tour that resembles the famous “levadas” in the Madeira island. It starts in the river around a promontory, where the Convent of São Cristóvão de Lafões, which belonged to the Cistercian order, was built in the twelfth century. On its slopes grows a magnificent forest with species, such as the cork oak, the arbutus, laurel, hazel, the adoxaceae, the solomon’s seal, the delphinium and hypericum-of-Geres, revealing a clear affinity with the Madeira laurel. In its foliage rare butterflies such as white admiral – Limenitis arthemis and Apatura ilia can be admired with its superb colors. 

Access to the point of interest: by foot on PR8 –Laranja Route | by car until S. Caetano Chapel, at Granja, Valadares (40°45’53.22”N, 8°10’36.55”W), and from here 1000m on foot