Levada de Carrazedo

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About one kilometer long, the Levada de Carrazedo takes water from a small tributary of the Alombada stream to an irrigation system depicted on this river, not far from Carrazedo, in Sever do Vouga. The path along the “levada” is covered with leafy vegetation and invites to a tour guided by the sound of the water in the hot summer days. To get there you go through a road with three mills, powered by water from a single “levada”. The stream of Alombada is a tributary of the Vouga, born in the Ladário Mountain, and its route of more than 15 kilometers exceeds a 550 meters gap, which provides the required force to move some mills and tampers, that can, despite being in ruins, still be visited through the Moinhos Route (PR9). 

Access to the point of interest: 380m on foot; moderate

Rua do Pisão, Carrazedo,  Cedrim, Sever do Vouga (Aveiro)