Frecha da Mizarela Viewpoint

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The Frecha da Mizarela is a magnificent waterfall formed by the Caima River, which tumbles from a 60 meters height. Site of relevant geological interest, it is born from the contact between granitic and schist rocks and also due to the movement associated with the system of faults of Freita Mountain. Since granite is more resistant than schist to the fluvial erosion of the Caima River  this huge gap was formed and originated the great waterfall. Making the pedestrian route marked there (PR7), you can go down to the bottom of the Caima River Valley and enjoy it from another perspective. The Frecha da Mizarela can also be seen from the panoramic floor of Meteorological Station of Arouca, situated on the slope of Castanheira. The most adventurous ones adventurous ones can descend it on a rope, since this is one of the Montanhas Mágicas® rappel hotspots. 

Access to the point of interest: by car; easy