Fragas da Penavilheira

Landscape Highlights

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This place is a site of high natural and landscape interest, the Fragas of Penavilheira are three successive waterfalls resulting from a slope rupture (knick point) in the Bestança Valley, near the villages of Soutelo and Granja. The Bestança river, that runs through this place is, at the Douro basin (at the Portuguese sector), the river that has the highest number of knickpoints. Here this phenomenon has created a fantastic place, marked by towering cliffs and unique waterfalls. The surroundings are unique and shaped by the hand of man: the “levadas” lead the water to the agricultural land and the meadows intersperse the leafy hardwoods. The fact that this is a place of difficult access originated a legend, according to which not even the devil wanted to come here. In the act of exorcising the people possessed by the devil, the priest would send the devil to the Fragas da Penavilheira, saying: “I banish you to the Fragas da Penavilheira”, and the devil answered: “Don’t banish me to the Fragas da Penavilheira”. The Soutelo Bridge is located little before this place. It was built entirely in stone, in 1850.

Access to the point of interest: 750m on foot; difficult; w/guide

Soutelo, Bustelo,  Cinfães (Viseu)