Canhão das Estacas

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The Canhão das Estacas is a small gorge at the Estacas River, a tributary of the Agualva stream, that passes through the Lomba village. An erosion carved an escarped valley into the rock, taking advantage of the weaknesses of the flaws in the shale. The Agualva stream, which initially runs in granite and then precipitates in the soft shales, formed on its banks one of the most beautiful forests in the region. The slope of the valleys multiplied the presence of cascades and waterfalls.

Access to the point of interest: Option 1: on an easy dust road, about  500m (access to the road: 40°49’42.98”N, 8°14’54.82”W) Option 2: on the riverbed, difficult tour, w/guide, 300 meters (1100 in circular route) Access to the river 40°49’44.82”N, 8°14’58.10”W.