Livraria da Pena

Landscape Highlights

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To get to the Livraria da Pena, from the homonymous village, you should go to the old path that runs along the Pena River, the legendary “path, where the dead killed the living”. After climbing a small hill, a kind of enchanted valley, with stunning scenery, where you can find rare trees, endemic species, trilobites tracks, steps laboriously carved in the rocks, waterfalls and natural “livrarias”, comes to the visitor’s eyes. Livraria da Pena is a geosite with an imposing quartzite strata, like books placed on a shelf of a bookstore. These quartzite outcrops tell old stories, about 480 million years old, stories in a time when the region was located in the shallow banks of the vanished Gondwana continent, in latitudes once close to the South Pole.

Access to the point of interest: 500m on foot; difficult; w/guide