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The S. Pedro do Sul Thermal Waters have an ancient hydrotherapy health Vocation. Its use began in the roman period. Several kings stayed on this place: D. Afonso Henriques, King Manuel I, and Queen Amelia of Orleans. At the moment it is the largest and most developed thermal resort on the Iberian Peninsula. With unique properties in Europe, the S. Pedro do Sul Thermal Waters are the great engine of local development. The richness of its natural mineral water contributes to this. The water is sulphurous, with low mineral content and pH 8.89, at 18 ° C, it naturally emerges to the surface at a 68 ° C temperature. The spas rainha D. Amélia and D. Afonso Henriques work during the entire year using the most modern resources in the thermal therapeutic health and wellness, beauty and physiotherapy, and ensure a careful and personalized service in distinct and exquisite facilities, which provide health, comfort, rest and leisure.

Access to the point of interest: by car; easy

Termalistur - Praça Dr. António José de Almeida,  Várzea, São Pedro do Sul (Viseu)
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