Tílias Park and Museum of Primeiras Artes

Landscape Highlights

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The Tílias Park and the Museum of Primeiras Artes are cultural spaces, dynamised by “ADEP - Associação de Estudo e Defesa do Património Histórico- Cultural de Castelo de Paiva” (Association for the Study and Historical and Cultural Protection of Castelo de Paiva’s Heritage). The Museum of Primeiras Artes, housed in the Tílias Park, brings together an ethnographic collection of high value. It also has a building called “Casa dos engenhos” (House of the devices) where, among others, some animal traction devices are exposed. The visit to the museum is made by appointment (+351 255 689 486). In the Tílias Park, there is a landscaped and wooded area, where various activities and events are carried out throughout the year, the most striking one is the Fair of the 19th century, which is held on the second Sunday of October and which attracts thousands of visitors to this site. 

Access to the point of interest: by car; easy

Frutuária, Sobrado,  Castelo de Paiva (Aveiro) (+351) 255 689 486