Largo do Conde (Square)

Landscape Highlights

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Largo do Conde is the central square of the town of Castelo de Paiva. Decorated with beautiful gardens and large trees, in the center of which stands the statue of the first count of Castelo de Paiva. This dynamic and welcoming space, where multiple cultural activities take place, is surrounded by secular buildings of high architectural and cultural interest, among which stands out the Cadeia (Prison) Building, the Town Hall, the Main Church, “Cruzeiro da Independência” and the Sobrado Fountain. The Tourist Interactive Shop is based on the ground floor of the Cadeia Building and is complemented by a shop of regional products and, on the top floor, you can visit the Local Culture Interpretation Center. 

Access to the point of interest: by car; easy

Largo do Conde, Sobrado,  Castelo de Paiva (Aveiro)