The Montanhas Mágicas® cover four Sites of Community Importance of the Rede Natura 2000: the Montemuro, Freita and Arada Mountains and the Paiva and Vouga Rivers.

The Rede Natura 2000 is an ecological network for the European Union Community space, which aims to ensure the long-term conservation of the most threatened species and habitats in Europe, therefore helping to stop the loss of biodiversity. It is the main instrument for nature conservation within the European Union. 

It also includes the Arouca Geopark, since 2009 part of the European and Global Network of UNESCO Geoparks, recognized for its exceptional geological heritage of international significance. 

These places of high environmental, ecological and geological value are responsible for a tourism of excellence, especially nature tourism, ecotourism, geotourism and scientific tourism. 

It is also thanks to the existence of these classified areas and the work done by local agents, that the territory has been certified as a sustainable tourist destination under the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in protected and classified areas. 

Montemuro Mountain
Freita and Arada Mountains
Paiva River
Vouga river
Arouca Geopark