Enjoy the scents and the typical flavors of the das Montanhas Mágicas® in restaurants with environments that bring us to the genuineness and authenticity of local traditions, customs and customs.

The typical restaurants offer visitors the best flavors of the local gastronomy, in dishes that show the excellent quality of the meats of native breeds such as the "Arouquesa" meat, with Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), and "Gralheira Goat"  with Protected Geographical Indication (PGI). In addition to typical dishes such as "Roasted Arouquesa veal"; The "Grilled Arouquesa steak", the "Lafões veal", the "Alvarenga steaks" and the "Grilled roast goat", these restaurants also serve the good local green wines and desserts that highlight the richness and variety of convents and regional confectionery.

Restaurante Parlamento
Typical Restaurant
Localizado no centro histórico de Arouca, o restaurante Parlamento, em atividade desde maio de 1996, prima pela qualidade dos seus serviços. A carne arouquesa impera na sua cozinha, conferindo aos pratos típicos um sabor inconfundível.