If you appreciate the Portuguese cuisine and those recipes that are mandatory on a menu of a good Portuguese restaurant, we suggest you visit the traditional restaurants of Montanhas Mágicas®.

Located in the countryside or on the mountain, on a town or in a village, the Montanhas Mágicas® restaurants are proud to offer some of the best traditional Portuguese dishes: Portuguese stew, "papas de sarrabulho" (cornflour cooked with pork blood and chicken and pork meat), "rojões" (pork meat), Bordalesa lamprey, Arroz de cabidela (chicken giblets rice), among many others. There is also the good green wines of the region and the traditional desserts such as leite-creme (Crème brûlée) and sopa seca (pastry made in the oven, with breadcrumbs, lemon and cinnamon.