Located in the municipality of Arouca, the Paiva Walkways provide an unforgettable stroll through the Paiva River valley, one of the least polluted of Europe and one of the most sought after in Portugal for the practice of white water sports.

6 a 12km



Nível de dificuldade


Inicio/fim do percurso

Zona de Recreio e Lazer de Espiunca


Zona Balnear do Areinho


Inserted in a scenery of great natural beauty, the walkways allow a unique proximity to the Paiva River along its left bank, making it possible to observe landscapes of a unique beauty, marked by the imposing Aguieiras Waterfall, by the beautiful and winding path of the River Paiva and by the diversity of fauna and flora species, some of them rare and protected under the Natura 2000 Network.

The route extends between the Areinho River Beach and the Leisure and Recreation Area of Espiunca, and the Leisure and Recreation Area of Vau is approximately halfway along the path. Along the 8.7 km of footbridges also important geosites that integrate the network of geosites of the Arouca Geopark can be observed.

Official website: www.passadicosdopaiva.pt