Vale do Paiva - Arouca, Castelo de Paiva and Cinfães

Starting at the Aguieiras Waterfall, inserted in the impressive Paiva Gorge area, this itinerary will lead you to know some of the most emblematic geosites of Montanhas Mágicas®, as well as truly idyllic landscapes, natural spots and recreation and leisure areas. The special highlight in the itinerary goes to the beautiful and romantic “Ilha dos Amores” in the Douro river (mouth of the Paiva) in Castelo de Paiva, to Paiva Walkways in Arouca and to the Canelas Geologic Interpretation Center – Trilobites Museum, one of the Arouca Geopark’s most relevant geologic sites. Throughout the itinerary you will find bridges of extreme beauty, refined manors, magnificent churches and an impressive set of 17 rotation mills disposed in rows, which is believed to be a unique case in the country.

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