Vale do Paiva - Castro Daire, S. Pedro do Sul and Arouca

With a spectacular landscape on the surroundings and an exemplary biodiversity, the Paiva River is classified as a site of Rede Natura 2000 Community Importance. This is one of the most iconic rivers of Montanhas Mágicas® and of the country itself, especially because it is considered by professionals as the best whitewater place in Portugal. Because it is a relatively large natural area, covering 5 of the 7 municipalities of the territory, we split its discovery in two routes: the Itinerary IV, which covers the municipalities of Castro Daire, S. Pedro do Sul and a part of Arouca’s municipality, and the Itinerary V, that runs through the municipalities of Arouca, Castelo de Paiva and Cinfães. 

This route takes you to a remarkable historical and architectural heritage, highlighting the medieval and enigmatic Siglas Temple. You will also find important recondite traces of Atlantic rock art showing the occupation of these lands since ancient times; bridges with unusual stories and schist villages planted along the waterfront, giving a peculiar charm to the landscape. In terms of natural heritage, besides observing and interpreting the magnificent biodiversity of the Paiva Valley, you will discover fantastic sights, geosites that are millions of years old and pleasant river beaches and areas of recreation and leisure.

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