We have designed 10 tourist itineraries that will help you discover, by area/natural space, some of the main natural and cultural attractions of the Montanhas Mágicas. Venture yourself!

We invite you to discover every corner of Montanhas Mágicas® throught 10 tourist routes, that run through 10 natural areas of the territory, including 4 rede Natura 2000 sites – Paiva river, Vouga river, Freita, Arada and Montemuro Mountains - and other areas of significant natural and cultural value - Bestança Valley, Douro Valley, Arestal and Talhadas Mountains. The purpose of the itineraries is to make it easier to discover the main natural and cultural attractions of this territory. The visit, in some cases, should be made on an all-terrain vehicle and/ or some small sections should be made on foot. Each visitor will set his own visit pace, and for that reason there are no times suggested for the itinerairies. 

Observation: The access to buses on secondary roads, mountain roads, is not guaranteed. It is advised to contact ADRIMAG or the Tourist Information Centers. 

Discovering Montanhas Mágicas®
On the Freita and Arada Hillside
Montemuro Mountain, the Great Mountain
Discovering the Siglas Temple
From the Paiva Gorge to Ilha dos Amores (Love Island)
Idyllic Settings of the Vouga Valley
Bestança Valley, Inspiring Nature
Magical Douro
Remote Wonders of the Arestal Mountain
Megalithic Walks Around Talhadas Mountain