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The Malafaias House, also known as “Casa Grande” (Big House), is located in Arouca, integrating the historic area of the town. The original date of its foundation is unknown, but the documentation refers to its existence since 1712. It is an interesting granite building, deployed along rua Dr. Figueiredo Sobrinho and completed in the northern part by a chapel. The building consists of two floors and has a regular gauge, combining areas built in the 16th and 17th centuries. In the façade there are two lintels of Manueline style and the family coat of arms, which breaks the rhythm of the granitic unit. On the inside the set is organized around a yard with an outdoor staircase. The Malafaias House is classified as a Monument of Municipal Interest since March 2014. 

Monuments classification: Monument of Municipal Interest

Access to the point of interest: by car; easy

Centro Histórico de Arouca,  Arouca (Aveiro)