Go through mountains, rivers and valleys where Man and Nature “operated” in harmony to offer natural and humanized spaces of unique beauty. Turn off from everything and discover the Route of the Water and Stone of the Montanhas Mágicas!

The Route of the Water and Stone (RAP) is a nature tourism route, that distinguished itself by valuing elements of natural and cultural heritage linked to water and stone.

Waterfalls, rivers, prehistoric engravings, peat bogs, old mines, dolmens, crags, fossils, geological phenomena, valleys and quartzite libraries are some of the reasons to discover a territory of breathtaking landscapes, with valleys and mountains cut by millions of years of erosion.

Man and nature operated here in harmony with the villages, terraces and levadas as their landscape, transforming the Montanhas Mágicas® territory into one of the most beautiful in Portugal, with an exceptional biodiversity, reflected in the extensive area of the Natura Network, that was here designated by Europe.

In the Route of the Water and Stone the discovery of the territory is done through a kind of metro network, with stops made up of places to visit in the immensity of the mountains between the Douro and the Vouga.

The lines are the natural elements that prevail here, alternating between rivers and mountains. From south to north the lines follow each other, constituting a total of 114 points of obligatory visit, some close to the roads, others of a little more difficult access, but they all deserve a careful visit.