The Route of the Geosites invites you to discover the valuable and unique geological heritage of the Arouca Geopark – a UNESCO World Heritage site!

Discover the world's largest trilobite fossils, the geological phenomenon of the "Pardeiras" Stones, majestic waterfalls, ichnofossils, giant pots, meanders, fantastic viewpoints, among many other geosites that will surprise you and help you understand the history of planet Earth's evolution over millions of years.

The Route of the Geosites integrates a wide range of geological sites, duly flagged, some of them with visitor support infrastructures, such as interpretation centers, observation platforms and/or interpretive panels.

It also includes a paper guide, with which you can follow the whole visit. In addition to geological information, this guide presents suggestions for visiting other points of interest that complement your visit to the rest of the natural and cultural heritage.

Find out the three itineraries that are part of the Route of the Geosites!


  • Itinerary A – Freita, the enchanted mountain

  • Itinerary B – Through the unknown mines and meanders of the Paiva

  • Itinerary C – Paiva, the amazing river

These 3 itineraries have different routes that can be driven by car. However, access to some of them will have to be done on foot. The high interest of this route is due to the fact that it allows an interconnected visit between the geosites, which are not considered as isolated geological events, but rather related to each other and which count chapters of the geological history of our planet Earth and which are specifically evidenced in this UNESCO Geopark.

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