Explore a wide range of activities that will provide you with unforgettable moments!

In the Montanhas Mágicas there are experiences for all tastes, ages, motivations and levels of physical preparation!

If you like activities in contact with nature you are in the right place! We have some of the best rivers in the country for rafting and whitewater kayaking or for a fascinating canyoning practice!

If you prefer activities with a little less adrenaline, but still physically demanding and exciting, opt for mountain biking or cycling, longer walking routes and with a higher difficulty level, water walks or calm water canoeing!

If you travel in a group, the walking routes can be very entertaining for the discovery and the conviviality that they provide among the participants. But the river beaches, the ecoparks and the recreation and leisure areas are also very interesting and fun options, especially during the bathing season.

Any time of the year, many active tourism activities can be carried out here - rappelling, slide, climbing, orienteering, paintball, tree climbing, among many others - just contact the tourist animation companies and schedule your visit.

On the other hand, if you have a natural tendency or an innate curiosity to observe, interpret and understand nature and its phenomena, the Montanhas Mágicas offer a number of attractions and activities to explore: routes and thematic programs that lead you to discover the most fascinating geological phenomena and help you find waterfalls, wells and lagoons immersed in a virtually untouched nature; viewpoints and panoramic views that offer scenarios of great beauty; or museums, environmental interpretation centers and biodiversity stations that unveil the remarkable fauna and flora of the Montanhas Mágicas.

If it is the historical and cultural component of a territory that interests you most, be advised that in the Montanhas Mágicas you have millennia of history to unveil and a culture full of curiosities that will surprise you!

You just have to decide where to start: by archaeological treasures or by historical and architectural landmarks; the Cistercian monasteries or the charms of the Romanesque; by traditional villages or by mountain sanctuaries and holy places; museums and interpretation centers or mines...

Whatever your choice, complement it with the discovery of one of the greatest legacies of our culture: gastronomy!

Also in this area you will not be disappointed. From the ancestors to the most current recipes made with the meat of native breeds (arouquesa and goat from Gralheira), to the fish dishes of our rivers like the lamprey and the shad, not forgetting the unmistakable flavor of our conventual and regional sweets or the refreshing taste of the vinhos verdes (green wines) and the locally produced Lafões wines!

But the options do not end here! We still have the festivities and pilgrimages, festivals, concerts, fairs and local markets, and all cultural, sporting and gastronomic events and other events that take place throughout the year!

Do not lose them for nothing! And do not miss your visit to the Montanhas Mágicas local handicrafts and products outlets!

Take with you "a piece" of this territory!

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