Find in the Montanhas Mágicas a fascinating "memoir" of Planet Earth

The territory of Montanhas Mágicas® presents geological evidences with over 560 million years dating back to the Neoproterozoic period. Since this period and over millions of years the dynamics of the planet remained portrayed in great detail in the rocks of this territory, which constitute an authentic “stone book” and which certainly still keeps many “Local Memories” unknown to the geologists. 

The geodiversity of Montanhas Mágicas® is dominated by rocks of the “Dúrico Beirão” group, a thick sequence of shales and greywacke of the Neoproterozoic age, and by granitic “variscos”. The predominance of these rocks and processes involving their geological formation, justify the remarkable set of 78 geosites distributed throughout seven municipalities, with particular focus on the area of the Arouca Geopark. These geosites are presented in the form of giant trilobites, unique rocks and boulders, trace fossils of international relevance, imposing cliffs and waterfalls, thermal springs, fracture valleys, tectonic faults, alveoli, rocky domes, among others. Some of these geosites 15 will be shown in this guide.